Questions and Answers for the 2020-21 Academic Year

    1. The programme will run as a full year experience in Oxford, assuming all students can get their visas and all UK health standards can be met on site.
    2. The programme will remain a full-year program but the first term will be remote (synchronous Oxford tutorials, online), and the last 2 terms will be in person (at Oxford).  Again, this assumes that travel is possible in January. Students who would like, can reside on the Williams campus or opt to remain remote until they can arrive in Oxford.
  • Assuming Professor Swoap is able to get his work visa, he will head to Oxford. If students can get visas in time, then they will be allowed to travel to Oxford and move into the WEPO house to begin the first term in person.  (2) If visas remain a problem, students can begin the WEPO term, and their first set of tutorials, as remote students.  Students could choose to take the remote tutorial from the Williams campus or from home.  As soon as the consulates open and visas become available, students could then travel to Oxford and shift into an in-person mode. (3) Any student who decides that they are no longer interested in WEPO if they cannot physically be there for the full year can opt out, and enroll at Williams (either in person or remotely) or take a gap year.

  • August 1st.

  • Yes. Just notify Tina Stoiciu and she will work with you and the Dean’s Office on this.

  • The U.S. Department of State has travel warnings in place for all locations, including the United States. You can find country specific information and details here. The CDC also has information available here. You and your parents will be asked to sign an additional waiver acknowledging this risk.

  • Yes. They plan to practice social distancing and have firm plans in place to deliver an in-person experience this fall. Some lectures will be remote, but tutorials are set to be in-person with the potential of going remote if quarantine is necessary.

  • Yes. You should complete the intent to enroll form accordingly so that you can have access to the housing process. You will remain enrolled in your tutorials for Michaelmas term until a decision is made. You also have the choice to remain home and take your tutorials remotely, the decision is entirely up to you.

  • The 15% cost reduction applied at Williams will be applied to WEPO as well. In addition, if students are not residing at the WEPO house or at Williams, they will not be charged room and board. If they are, they will be charged accordingly.

  • If you have an EU or UK passport, and if Professor Swoap can get to the UK, we can operate with a small group of students until others can join once visas are processed for the US/international passport holders. If Professor Swoap cannot get to the UK, we cannot operate the program in the fall.

  • Yes. Current UK regulations require two weeks quarantine upon arrival. If WEPO is able to open in person for Michaelmas term, this two-week period will be incorporated into travel dates, and it will be possible to quarantine on the WEPO compound.

  • Two metres between students.  One student at a time within the kitchen.  Six students at a time in the library.  Four students at a time in the computer room.  We will have group dinners, but will not be able to include all 26 students at once.

  • Family units are groups of people that live together.  We are currently working with a health-care advisory group that will help us define what a family unit is at WEPO.  It could be as small as the two roommates … the unit could be larger, and include everyone on the same floor … and possibly even larger to include everyone with the same stairwell.  Currently the UK says pods can not be larger than 8.  These details are still being determined with the UK health agency.

  • Oxford is planning for in-person tutorials, but it is likely that the University will give faculty the options to be remote.  So, this may vary on a case-by-case basis.

  • Typically, WEPO students enroll in 5-6 tutorials for the academic year. That is the same this year.  You must take at least one tutorial per term, up to a maximum of 6 tutorials total.

  • The most recent information can be found here.

  • There will be travel restrictions in place. You will not be permitted to leave Oxford while coronavirus measures are in place. You must abide by strict social distancing measures and keep all social spaces clean. Group events and excursions will also be extremely limited and may be canceled altogether. There will also be detailed guidelines on cleanliness and hygiene in all living and shared spaces. Please note that the UK and Oxford are not requiring ongoing COVID-19 testing for people who are asymptomatic. The WEPO will require weekly testing throughout the Michaelmas term and perhaps longe. We are currently working with a private firm that will perform ongoing tests.

  • Here are the most recent UK health protocols WEPO students have full access to the National Health Service.  In addition, Oxford University has announced that it will have a dedicated testing facility for enrolled students and staff.

  • We will have one floor of one of the residences (three bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen) vacant and designated as a self-isolation ward, for any student who exhibits symptoms.  The director and family live in a separate residence and would be able to quarantine there as a family unit. There are additional support services available at Oxford University and through the NHS.

  • No, not this year. We will only have Williams students and the Director’s family residing on the compound.

  • Our current plan is to have students live in large doubles. There are not enough rooms in our living spaces to accommodate 26 individual rooms. We are diligently working on this so that we are in compliance with UK health guidelines.

  • No. You will need to re-apply with no guarantees of acceptance. Due to the competitive nature of this program, we cannot guarantee a spot to any applicant and you must go through the application process again. The re-application process can be done remotely.

  • We will be sending out a handbook shortly with important links and information. However, you can find the general information here and  here.

    ** Please note: Currently there are no consulates open for visa processing (as of July 6 2020). You also cannot start the process without your CAS letter from Oxford. That will be forthcoming. You should wait to hear more from the Office of International Education and Study Away about this process in the coming weeks.